Hairline Design Report


A 24-page photogrammetric assessment of your hair & hairline to plan out your hairloss journey surgically and non-surgically.


Due to COVID, turnarounds have been pushed back to 3 weeks.
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Before you invest thousands, spend some time planning out your hairloss journey.

An indepth assessment of your face, from top to bottom, including your smile and facial development.

Qualitative Analysis

Comparing your hairline to standardized hair charts to assess your pattern of hairloss

Ethnic Considerations

Factors you need to consider given your ethnic group when seeking a transplant surgeon or pharmaceutical options .

Side Profile Restoration

Using Photoshop to design a realistic hairline restoration as per the most up-to-date guidelines for surgeons.

3/4 Profile Restoration

Designing the ideal hairline with a heavy focus on facial aesthetics and testing different configurations

Hairstyle Suggestions

Using AI and Photoshop to prepare multiple hairstyle morphs to give our recommendations for what works best with the subject’s facial features.

Non Surgical Options

Non surgical treatment plans, their efficacy with information on where to go and who to ask.

Surgical Options

If a hair transplant is needed, cost estimations and potential limitations are made clear to set expectations.

Final Recommendations

Our opinions on what we suggest would be best given the current state of hairloss, efficacy of options and solutions against time and value.


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