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Preliminary + Tertiary Report

  • Front profile

  • Side profile

  • Ethnicity (best guess)

  • Order Number

  • Measurement 1 & 2


Comprehensive Report

  • Previous requirements

  • Smile profile



  • Any facial areas of concern?

  • Have you had cosmetic surgery before?

  • Are you interested in surgical or non-surgical options?

  • What do you hope to get out of this report?

Measurement 1 & 2

Method 1:

To ensure we make our measurements halfway across the world correctly, we require the subject to measure the length of their mouth (from mouth corner to corner) using a straight ruler. This measurement, once provided to us will allow us to scale the frontal profile image correctly, regardless of the distance from the camera.


Similarly for the side profile image, we require the subject to measure their philtrum length. This is from the tip of the upper lip to the ‘subnasal’ which is where the nose septum just begins.


If you find method 1 difficult, you can also try method 2

Method 2:

If you’re having difficulty with the first method, we can also scale our images using a point of reference in the image such as a ruler or measuring tape. Simply hold the tape or ruler in view at the same distance you are from the camera, in line with your face. This will reduce the likelihood of perspective errors. We can use the increments on the measuring tape to scale our own tools.

Focal Length

The focal length of your shot needs to be taken into consideration. The old saying ‘the camera adds 10 pounds’ has never been truer when considering how higher focal lengths distort your face out laterally.
To ensure accuracy in the image you send, we recommend using default Apple/Android camera settings.
  • 50mm is closest to what our eyes see
  • Iphone X wide angle is a 26mm equivalent
  • Iphone X telephoto is a 52mm equivalent
  • Earlier Iphones use 28-33mm lenses
The facial distortions caused by a few mm of focal length difference is minimal. Taking the photo just like you would for any other is adequate.

Front & Side Profile

Neutral Head Position

It is crucial for accurate measurements that the subject’s photos are taken from a neutral head position (NHP). For most people this should be a neutral eyelevel unless there is some underlying neck or muscle deformity.
This is most easily achieved by trying to look into your eyes from eyelevel in front of a mirror, or levelling your camera to be directly eye level to you. It should feel natural with the teeth held lightly together and no rotational tilt of the head.

Posing Tips

We recommend standing 1-2m away and zooming in slightly to have the full face in frame, including the ears. Have someone else take the photo (if possible).
  • Neutral facial expression
  • Neutral head position
  • Regular camera settings (phone camera is fine)
  • Face in clear view with no obstructions
  • Face should take up the majority of the frame
  • Minimal field of view distortion (from being too close to the camera)
  • Simple background such as a wall



In your image submission email, along with all the other requirements, please inform us of your ethnic background to the best of your ability so that we can compare your features against the correct standards and research papers.

Smile Profile

Smile profile

This only applies to comprehensive reports which include an additional dentofacial assessment. A picture of the subject in a natural ‘posed’ smile (like for a regular photo) is needed following the same guidelines as before. The mouth area needs to be clear and should not be overexaggerated.

Submit Your Images to report@qoves.com

Check the blocks below to see what is required for your report’s image submission.

Preliminary Report
Front & Side Profile
Tertiary Report
Front & Side Profile
Comprehensive Report
Front, Side & Smile Profile
Other Report
Front & Side Profile

Image Submission Checklist

  • Neutral background
  • Neutral neck and head pose
  • Neutral expression
  • Acceptable resolution
  • Acceptable focal distance and framing
  • Include order number
  • Ethnic background
  • Your two facial measurements (or method 2)
Report Enquiries
Other Enquiries

I Have A Beard…

If you wear your beard frequently and it is a part of your everyday look, then submit the images to us with your beard on. If it is infrequent stubble, where you’re normally a clean-shaven type of person, send us a clean-shaven picture. It’s all about how you expect to be seen in your day to day life that affects perceptions of facial aesthetic.

P.S. If you have grown out a mean beard in the past, send that picture in too for comparison!

I Plan To Lose X lbs…

While body-fat does play a sizable role in perceptions of attractiveness, if you’re holding off on getting a report for an eventual weightloss goal down the line, our advice to the many who ask us this question is always the same:

  • Is the weightloss >10% of my current bodyfat levels, i.e. significant changes taking longer than 4 months? Best to get the report after or midway through your transformation. Consider professional aesthetics advice as part of your glowup journey rather than the destination for better results.
  • Is the weightloss <10% of my current bodyfat levels, i.e. smaller changes with short-term goals involved such as strength gains or lifestyle changes? Better to get the report now and use the advice to guide your aesthetic efforts in the short-term period.

The main factor to consider is whether or not you can view your bone structure under your subcutaneous fat. If you have enough facial fat to cover it under, then our advice will more or less be tailored towards effective methods of losing fat, rather than hard dentofacial or even soft facial changes as we cannot assess what is underneath through a photogrammetric analysis alone. Most aesthetic clinics will also advise you towards weightloss first and steer you clear of any injectibles if you fall into this category.

Reference Examples

The images on the right are good examples as they follow all of our given guidelines for a more accurate analysis

Need more info? Check out our most frequently asked questions.