Hairline Assessment

Losing hair or considering a transplant? Let us help.

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  • Cephalometric Averageness
    • How your features compare to research averages
  • Facial Proportions
    • Establishing the harmony between features
  • Dentofacial Assessment
    • Lip, mouth, teeth and smile aesthetic
  • Frontal Profile Assessment
    • Eye, midface and jaw proportion
  • Side Profile Assessment
    • Lower, underjaw, eye and ear proportion
  • Side Profile Morph
    • A side profile morph to show how changes may look

Expert Advice Made Accessible

Surgery and cosmetics can be expensive, even more so if you’re going in blind. Let us simplify your glow-up journey by providing unbiased feedback and pragmatic advice to follow.

Ethnicity Specific Advice

Regardless of where you come from, our report uses data from multiple anthropometric research papers to develop average values for each ethnicity. All tailored, just for you.

See For Yourself

Sensitive information and images have been redacted to protect privacy.

Preliminary Report

A quick, over the top analysis of common aesthetic concerns.

$100 USD

Entry Level

Tertiary Report

An intermediary analysis going into more depth, evaluating the face from the top down with more guidelines and tests.

$175 USD

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Comprehensive Report

An extensive analysis utilizing the latest research, senior consultant experience and far more aesthetic tests.

$250 USD

Best Value