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Sydney, Australia

82 Bathurst Street, 2170, NSW

Founder, Narrator

Shafee Hassan

Anthropology (BArt), Engineering (BEng) | University of Sydney

Shafee is the founder and name behind the QOVES brand. You may have heard him on our YouTube video as lead narrator but his background in physical anthropology and beauty has allowed the company to evolve from a Photo-Retouching agency to a full-on Beauty Consultancy to better understand what makes a face attractive. He also has a dual-degree in engineering and works as the technical visionary at the Machine-Learning division of QOVES in producing ethnically inclusive and responsible A.I.
Aesthetics Consultant

Dr Shoaib Muhammad

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) | National University of Medical Sciences

Shoaib joined QOVES as an aesthetics consultant given his extensive background on the topic. His previous work involved fact-checking and researching scientific literature to help assist brands in providing factual content. Currently, he works on the Facial Aesthetics Report as a writer, evaluating cephalographic measurements and providing holistic advice on cosmetic flaws, based on his experience in the field.
Video Editor

Mohammad Bouougri

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Physics | Cadi Ayyad University

If you've seen any of our Youtube videos, chances are Mohammed had a hand in making the video. He is our dedicated video editor, compiling scripts, text, images, narrations and video into one beautiful creation that we put out on our channel. He has helped shift the stylistic elements of our video into a cleaner, more minimalist format that our fans have come to love over the years.
Aesthetic Consultant

Cyndy Kee

Masters in Science - Oncology Research | University of Birmingham

Graduated from England with a Foundation in Science, Bachelors and Masters in biomedical related sciences and laboratory research from St Andrews, Newcastle and Birmingham Universities, Ms.Cyndy had the opportunity to be part of a one of a kind Aesthetic Medicine company in SEA for the past 3 years since 2019 after Pfizer in pharmaceuticals. Her coverage were dermal fillers, neurotoxins, semi-permanent threads, energy-based devices, cosmeceuticals, neutraceuticals, PRP and fat grafts whom have worked as the Medical Science Liaison. Numerous educational programs catered for medical doctors as well as commercial staffs were initiated in conjunction with a private University to develop the first Aesthetic Medicine Academy in her country. Since then, her passion exudes in medical writing particularly in aesthetic medicine and is working hand-in-hand with QOVES Studio.
Medical Researcher

Dr Mingma Sherpa

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) | Guangzhou Medical University

Sony Sherpa MD is a medical practitioner currently working hard to provide health-related services to people in need. She completed her medical degree with multiple scholarships as an outstanding all-round student and currently works as a valued medical writer and editor at QOVES Studio. In fact, many of the scientific videos on our Youtube channel are fact-checked and co-written by her.

Her medical articles for QOVES are written with impeccable accuracy owing to her vast medical knowledge and thorough research, collaborating with our internal team daily. Also, she is a board-certified Clinical Doctor and is currently working as a Medical Officer in the emergency department of a renowned hospital and helps many new patients every day.

Cephalograph Draftsman

Habib ul Islam

Visual Arts (BA) | University of Karachi

Habib is our lead draftsman responsible for drawing up the cephalograms that the report writers and aesthetic consultants will later use. His main skills are in graphic design which is necessary given that images are scaled under a soft-tissue analysis (which is not as accurate as a hard tissue X-ray) and so having an understanding of facial landmarks and technical computer skills is a must.
Aesthetics Consultant

Dr Mariana Barboza

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Aesthetic Medicine | Universidad de Carabobo

Graduated from La Universidad del Zulia (LUZ), Maracaibo, Venezuela. As a Medical Doctor she did a rural year at an unprivileged Hospital where she got firsthand experience in Trauma, Cardiology, Gynecology-Obstetrics, ER, and Pediatrics. After that, Dr Barboza received her diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from Universidad de Carabobo, which led her to work with Clinica Tendencia Body as an Aesthetician before joining the QOVES team as a consultant.
Aesthetics Consultant

Zachary M. Chisenga

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) | The Copperbelt University

Zachary M Chisenga is a medical doctor with expertise as a professional medical writer with four years of experience. He graduated from the Copperbelt University School of Medicine in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery and hereby works as a medical doctor at a local hospital in the country, Zambia. During his studies, he took up an interest in health care writing which was the point when he explored and ventured into freelancing. He has had a great experience with such a step into that world with a 100% success rate in client feedback. Zachary is a powerful force at the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to help the patients. In his free time, Zachary likes to read novels, research articles, and watch movies. Zachary has an interest and aspires to specialize in ophthalmology. His main goal in life is to guarantee his clients and patients the best he can give as such lives by the Golden Rule.
Medical Researcher

Dr Khaled Mahmoud

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) | Menofia University

Khaled Mahmoud is a graduate medical professional currently interning at Menofia University's Faculty of Medicine & Hospitals with 5 years of experience in writing medical content. He joined QOVES as a remote content creator, being responsible for the large majority of the cosmetic flaws series developed for the brand to educate the public on common facial issues and their possible treatments. His articles and writing style are a mix of medical depth with user readability, making him the perfect fit in being a relatable educator on the aesthetics topic.
Photoshop Specialist

Luigi Borromeo

Bachelor of Health Science, Nursing | Silliman University

Luigi is our photoshop specialist, performing most of the morphs we offer, especially the popular Marquardt Morph. He also performs our skin retouching services in-house and is our current social media manager, creating content for Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter.

Simon Groome

Masters in Biological Anthropology | University of Cambridge

Simon works as an evolutionary researcher and writes scripts on human aesthetics from an evolutionary perspective, with a particular interest in how differing ecological conditions shape sexual dimorphism, life history, and beauty. He is also the co-host of the Deep-Dive podcast.

He has recently completed his MPhil in Biological Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, and is now a PhD candidate in Reproductive Ecology. The topic of his thesis will be on how hormones (testosterone/oxytocin) affect mate choice and fertility motivation.

Work With Us

We're always on the lookout for fresh faces (pun intended). If you're interested in facial aesthetics, cognitive psychology or anthropology then apply to join us. Passion and a willingness to learn goes a lot further with us than background credentials and skills because the field is ever changing.

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Medical Researcher
SEO Specialist
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Aesthetics Consultant
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